“If you wish to help The Wildlife Lodge, then please read below for the many ways you can help”

  • You can help by sending us donations that we require. To view our current wish list of goods, please click here.

  • You can help by donating money to us, doing a sponsored event on behalf of us, or by using Everyclick as your search engine. It all helps give us money. Click here for details.

  • You can send us a monetary donation or set up a standing order. All the money received is used to pay for vet bills, food, treatment and equipment. We do not receive a salary for doing this work, it is completely not-for-profit. To see the ways you can send money, please click here.

  • You can also help us by being a volunteer driver in your spare time. We can only get to an animal when we are free, but some cases are more urgent and need help straight away.

  • You can help us raise money via corporate sponsorship. For more information on this, please click here.

  • You can sell items on eBay and donate a percentage of the final sale to us.