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14th December 2007
Young pigeon found. No apparent problems.
Birds put into aviary after doing finishing touches to aviary.
Please click here to view pictures of the aviary.

6th December 2007
Aviary is complete! Pictures to be added shortly.
Pigeon released back into the wild.

1st December 2007
Aviary is delivered! Begin work on assembling the aviary.

15th November 2007
Common snipe found in a back garden. Passed to Willow Wildlife who have a wetland area.
Received a generous donation from Care For The Wild to purchase some equipment.

7th November 2007
Feral pigeon released into the wild.
Parakeet can now fly. Will be put into outdoor aviary when it arrives.

3rd November 2007
Aviary ordered, thanks to a kind donation by Anim-Mates

2nd November 2007
Hedgehog found with infection and difficulty breathing.

31st October 2007
Young feral pigeon found with head wound.

26th October 2007
Feral pigeon found. Unable to fly.

25th October 2007
White fancy pigeon found. Has red rings round both legs, but no identification marks.

24th October 2007
Wood pigeon found after flying into a window.

23rd October 2007
Young hedgehog found out in daylight. Passed to Willow Wildlife who specialise in mammals and have other hedgehogs.

22nd October 2007
Other pigeon with injured foot able to be released. Showed no further signs of damage and was using leg adequately.

17th October 2007
Pigeon with damaged toe released into wild. Pigeon was able to stand and fly efficiently.
Dove with broken wing had its wing bandaged up to aid recovery.

16th October 2007
Thrush found constantly laying on its back.

15th October 2007
Pigeon found in middle of road.

13th October 2007
Two young doves brought in. One with suspected broken wing.

12th October 2007
Pigeon with amputated toe released into wild.
Dove with infected eye fully recovered, and released into wild where it was found.

11th October 2007
Pigeon returned from vets after having rear toe amputated and leg abscess treated. Ready for release in days.

5th October 2007
Pigeon released back into the wild after successful treatment.
Pigeon with possible broken toe and abscess in leg taken to vets for treatment. Toe amputated and abscess treated. Pigeon staying in over weekend for monitoring.

4th October 2007
Pigeon found with head tilt and unable to fly.
Pigeon found after cat attack.

2nd October 2007
Foxgrove Veterinary Centre have agreed to let us to use their premises to locate an outdoor aviary. We have now started collecting to allow us to fund this project. If you wish to donate to help us, please see our donation page.

1st October 2007
Parakeet found in road. Unable to use one of its wings. Unknown injury.

29th September 2007
Pigeon found. Unable to fly and head tilt.

28th September 2007
Collared dove found with eye infection.

26th September 2007
Pigeon found after cat attack.

25th September 2007
Pigeon found after cat attack.

15th September 2007
Pigeon and two blackbirds moved into outdoor aviary in preparation for their release.

12th September 2007
Pigeon found with eye infection.

4th September 2007
Squirrel found. Possibly fallen from tree.

21st August 2007
Magpie found caught in netting.
Parakeet found in garden. Unable to fly.

20th August 2007
Blackbird fledgling found.

19th August 2007
Sparrow found after cat attack.

2nd August 2007
Pigeon fledgling found that had fallen from nest.
Sparrow found after cat attack.
Pigeon found after severe cat attack.
Goldfinch found with damaged wing.

30th July 2007
Blackbird found which had fallen from nest.

21st July 2007
Pigeon found with head tilt.
Starling found which had swollen abdomen from being fed bread. Subsequently died.
Thrush found after cat attack. No apparent injuries.

19th July 2007
Four baby starlings found in nest.
Pigeon with broken wing from cat attack.
Pigeon with broken wing and puncture wounds from cat attack.

17th July 2007
Crow found in garden with broken leg and nerve damage.

16th July 2007
Robin fledgling found.

15th July 2007
Pigeon found in apparent good health.

10th July 2007
Blue tit found in road in apparent good health.

9th August 2007
Pigeon reported with broken wing and one leg. No pigeon found.

5th July 2007
Mouse found in garden with infection.
Two starling fledglings found which had fallen from nest.

1st July 2007
Pigeon hatchling found which had been attacked by a cat.

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