The Wildlife Lodge is one of only a few wildlife rescue charities in our area, and as such we are required to offer various services.

  • We are in possession of two fox traps. This means we are able to operate two fox traps at any one time, which helps us to trap the foxes when it really matters.
  • We own a boat which can be used for any water-bourne rescues. The boat is fully equipped with safety equipment, but is without an engine at present. (Please see our wish list).
  • We are able to look after wild garden birds, foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, some small birds of prey and waterbirds.
  • We have access to various items of rescue equipment, which means there is never normally a rescue we can't help with.
  • We have a fully equipped wildlife ambulance, which we can have ready at a moments notice for those emergency cases.